The Highest Launch Party of New Lomography Spinner 360º in the World!

Curious to see on how the The Spinner 360º Launch Party by the Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai went? Check out how all of the guests were kept on guessing until the very end – the grand unveiling of our newest mystery product – The Spinner!

The Spinner 360º Launch Party by the Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai was held last last June 9 at the gallery’s 4th floor exhibition hall. Spinning drinks like the Screwdriver Cocktail were served to all the media and visitors. The guests are kept curious about the podium wrapped with Lomography wrapping paper which is located in the middle of the exhibition hall. The setup of the exhibition hall looks weird and mysterious, as the left and right sides of the hall were covered with Lomography wrapping paper, but there’s a DJ spinning in the balcony. While they’re enjoying the Screwdriver drinks, they walked around the podium and start peeping into it but too bad they don’t have an X-Ray eyes.

When it’s almost 8pm their curiosity is greater than ever, and that’s the perfect timing for us. Aloho, the store manager of Lomography Gallery Store Shanghai walked towards the podium, and said “Whoever know what’s under my hand can go home with this mystery product!”. The audiences started shouting many non-related answers like anti-shock camera that can go into washing machine, a camera with high sensitivity that even a touch of fingertips could launch the shutter, their answers are mostly from the hints that we published in the website – a photo of a washing machine and a collage of many portraits with their finger pointing the lens. All the answers very rejected by Aloho then he tore the wrapping and revealed the new Lomography Spinner 360º and the other staff also tore down the wrapping by the wall and revealed the photo samples. At the same time Aloho picked up the new Lomography Spinner 360º in one hand, pulled the cord with the other and released it. In a split second the camera spins 360° around its own axis and records everything around him. Everyone in the exhibition hall were shocked and impressed, their reactions were akin to reactions a certain someone who likes to wear black long sleeved T-shirt with denim jeans taking out a very slim laptop from an envelope was accustomed to.

We passed around the Lomography Spinner 360º to all the visitors to experience it and tried all the 10 spinning techniques. We were all having a lot of fun by pulling the cord and seeing the Spinner 360º spinning it’s head. Every time it’s spinning, people around it smiled. Everyone were having a lot of fun and we’re impressed that a camera can actually spin, that’s very AWESOME!

written by jeepeng on 2010-06-18 #news #party #night #fun #dj #launch #lomography #gallery-store #spinner-360

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