The Photographic Eye of Providence: Top View

There’s nothing wrong with playing like a deity in your art! The top view perspective allows more room for the photographer have a dominating voice and vision in his work. Here’s some of our favorite top view shots from the Lomography community.

Flatlay of food

Credits: bebopbebop, dreadlockboy, betterthanelvis, kleeblatt & lafilledeer

From the voyeur’s eyes

Credits: warrilow-tong, magicbus, deepfried_goodness, enlomarte & ooblue

The surface of the ground

Credits: pd & plaidleaf

World on the chart

Credits: supersimon56, emperornorton, clemfaster, deje & prairydog

2016-07-31 #culture #perspective #street-photography #top-view #art-photography #creative-photography

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