Learning from the 4 Masters of Instant Photography: A Guide to Curating Fashion

Instant photography has always been associated with fashion. The styles of these master photographers have found their own, eccentric yet stylish ways to play around instant film and cameras.

Mimicking Warholian portraiture

The key to recreating the iconic instant portraits of Andy Warhol is to ensure that this element remains dominant: simplicity. Look for solid backgrounds (black or white, preferably), and keep an appropriate, intimate distance between you and your subject. True to the basics of portraiture, this style is meant to capture the purest essence of the subject.

Some photographs from the community have completely nailed Warhol’s style.

Credits: mediabrus, eyecon, 007-0815-styler, pearlgirl77 & space_they_cannot_touch

Reminiscent of Helmut Newton’s editorials

You may already be familiar with Helmut Newton’s edgy photographic signature. He also manifested that attitude in his own instant editorial photographs. Unlike Warhol, Newton’s all about experimentation, creating attitude and treating instant photography as a high-fashion work, even if one’s just using an instant camera.

These photographs are perfect contemporary incarnations of Newton’s instant photography.

Credits: 007-0815-styler, lunasimoncini & reneg88

Remaking the collages of David Hockney

All right, all right, fashion isn’t the only thing David Hockney’s good at, but his versatility just made him more amazing as an all-around photographer., becoming an inspiration among us all How he effortlessly composed this series of collages made out of instant film will trigger you to do the same in your fashion photography.

Here’s a Hockney-inspired collage of outfit-of-the-day instant shoots.

Credits: maximum_b & disdis

Copying the candid portraiture of Maripol

Maripol rose to fame when she photographed pop queen Madonna, and from there on everything was history. What sets Maripol’s instant fashion photography apart among the likes of Warhol and Newton was that she ensured that each woman in the photograph unleashed their inner queens. A fusion of Warhol’s intimate distance and Newton’s element of candid attitude, Maripol’s instant photographs easily become one of the favorite styles.

We give you some samples mimicking the instant photographic style of Maripol.

Credits: fascinatingirl, j_robert, rafaelcoala & chant0m0

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