Walk on Sunshine: A Photographic Collection of Famous Streets

2016-07-22 4

The best cities of the world reek of well-developed cultures that makes every corner of it iconic. Here are some of the famous streets making names in pop culture, all visited by community members from Lomography.

Abbey Road, London

Credits: roundmidnight, joyceyjoyce, nadinadu & c0pe

Wall Street, New York

Credits: uncle_jay & traaaart

The Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard

Credits: traaaart, traci516, montw_lingdum, janalogue & fmadera

Khao San Road, Bangkok

Credits: opon21, antibiotyx, marder17 & denisesanjose

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Credits: elletra, gnarlyleech & day3hugger

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Credits: cherub38, gepo1303, jurquidi & thecheekyscamp

Broadway, New York

Credits: mizzfonky, koduckgirl, lebesognier, cameranious & lulalouise

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  1. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    What about Cuba Street in Wellington?

  2. martinpruv
    martinpruv ·

    And Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires? The widest avenue of the world.

  3. theblues
    theblues ·

    @lomodesbro @martinpruv obviously! we need more episodes of that serie @lomography!!

  4. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    @theblues @lomodesbro @martinpruv thanks, guys! we'll see what we can do ;)

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