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Need a quick refresher on the LomoHomes and photographs that were on the spotlight this week? Curious as to what your fellow Lomographers have been up to on the Shoutbox? Or want the latest scoop on the most exciting Competitions? Find all these and more in this weekly recap!

LomoHomes We Loved This Week

Another week, another batch of exceptional lomographers to take inspiration from! Say your biggest congratulations to clownshoes, rewd, jamescat22, fricicchia, kleeblatt, jvacierto, and alexvoyer for bagging a LomoHome of the Day award. Drop by their analog abodes to see their stunning snaps.

Credits: clownshoes, rewd, jamescat22, fricicchia, kleeblatt, jvacierto & alexvoyer

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Photos We Loved This Week

Credits: stratos, tonollinski, lafilledeer, inspirarx, m_vrchovsky, dns_natali & mont0417

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On the Magazine

Argentinean writer and photographer Lorraine Healy (@lorrainehealy) tours us around one of her favorite places in Buenos Aires, the Feria de Mataderos. Head to this article to discover the delightful sights and scenes on this fair.

Two gauchos talking. Folk fair in Mataderos, Buenos Aires. Taken by lorrainehealy with the Canon A-1.

“Photographing rhymes with freedom of spirit and body,” muses HITIMANA René, or @blackxsel in the Lomography community, on his “No Rules” photography style. Dive deeper into the creative mind of our young community newcomer and see his fascinating double exposure photographs in this interview.

HITIMANA René aka @blackxsel


Mankind has come a long way since Galileo turned his telescope to Jupiter and discovered its fourth biggest moon. Recently, NASA’s Juno spacecraft successfully reached the “Giant Planet” after its five-year journey. Let’s celebrate this momentous event by doing what we know best: creating stellar photographs.

Credits: neja

Only three days left before we close the #myidentitymixer competition! Grab your instant camera and start creating new identities by mixing and matching your snaps. Submit the most awe-inspiring photo collage to win Instax Wide films and piggies for the Lomography online shop.

Credits: Marco Dabbicco

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  1. icequeenubia
  2. jamescat22
    jamescat22 ·

    Thanks! This photograph always had a special meaning for me. I recall the disparagement it met at the photo shop when I brought it in for enlargement since it wasn't "professional" enough and that they normally wouldn't enlarge anything beside 35 mm and larger formats. Sadly, my Kodak Instamatic will probably remain unused unless I really want to crack a cassette and load it with 35 mm with no frame count possible. I didn't realize at the time that I was on the very early edge of an avant-garde trend...I just didn't have anything else to shoot with and that sky looked so cool. Lomo on....

  3. lafilledeer
    lafilledeer ·

    thank you @icequeenubia !

  4. m_vrchovsky
    m_vrchovsky ·

    Thank you very much :))) i love you all <3

  5. jvacierto
    jvacierto ·


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