China Cat Sunflower, Pt. 1 - a Liquid Light Show Film by Lindsey L33 (NSFW)


In the ’60s and ’70s, liquid light shows were created to accompany musical and avant-garde performances. Art director and photographer Lindsey L33 explores the magic and mystery of liquid light shows with this hypnotic homage.

Hi, Lindsey. What inspired you to pay homage to psychedelic liquid light shows with China Cat Sunflower, Pt.I?

Projections are something I’ve wanted to incorporate into my work since I started shooting in 2009. I waited several years to pursue the idea because it was really important to me to capture something that had never been seen before. The conceptualization of a nude girl dancing began years ago, but it took a while for all the moving parts to fall into place. When I met Federico Moreno of Ether Wave, I knew it was the right time to execute the idea.

How did the collaboration with Federico Moreno & Ether Wave come about?

I learned about liquid light projection from Federico Moreno of Ether Wave. I overheard him talking to a friend about the process in 2014, and asked him if he would want to work on a video project at some point. It look a couple years to get the ball rolling, but we got together late last year and started planning the project.

How long did it take you to finish the film?

We shot the film in December, and it was in its final state in March.

What lenses did you use and how was the experience? Which particular lens effect did you find useful for this film?

I used the Holga Prism Lens for part of the film. I felt these lenses help to illustrate the feeling of listening and enjoying live music. Whether you’re on drugs or not, there’s something very trippy and euphoric about seeing your favorite musicians play live, and this film is supposed to capture that experience.

Seeing this as a ‘Part I’ I assume there are more films to follow? If yes, are you exploring the same concept?

I will be showing Part 2 of China Cat Sunflower later on this year as well as showing nine 35mm still images and 4 enlarged Polaroids from the film. Eventually, I plan to explore this style more from a fashion standpoint.

What camera/film did you use for the photos? And what is your go-to camera+film combo at the moment?

I used a 35mm Canon Rebel X and Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 to shoot the 35mm images. Lately, I’ve really been feeling my auto-focus Minolta HI-MATIC AF2, and I’m about to pop in some LomoChrome Purple.

Any funny, strange, or memorable behind-the-scenes trivia that went on while filming?

There were only 3 people on set—Federico, Alexis, and Myself— and we shot footage for 5 hours.

What are you currently working on? Any future projects we should watch out for?

I’ve been working on putting together a program of zines featuring a few of my favorite series. My online shop will be opening in August.

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Get to know more about Lindsey L33 by visiting her website, Instagram, or Tumblr. China Cat Sunflower, Pt. I was made in collaboration with Federico Moreno of Ether Wave and Alexis Eyes

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  1. trad69
    trad69 ·

    Like entering another world -Cool !

  2. krummholz
    krummholz ·

    Saw liquid light show when I went to see The Church in the mid eighties. The opening band Rain Parade had an overhead projector with two rolls of clear plastic and a girl was squirting colored dyes in between as she rolled it from one spool to the other. Image was projected on to band and background. Paisley Underground era.

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