Showcase: Ella Lama Gets Creative with the Lomo'Instant Wide


Artist Ella Lama gets all crafty and creative with the Lomo’Instant Wide.

Ella Lama is no stranger to Lomography. The Filipino artist is known in creative and crafters’ circles for her hand-drawn illustrations, letterings and stationery products.

While she specializes in hand-made doodles and renders fantastic work on paper, paper isn’t her only medium. Her creativity knows no bounds. She recently customized a Lomo’Instant camera which was given away as a prize in a contest, producing intricate results. The same brand of creativity and immeasurable love for drawing is seen in this series of photos, all taken with the Lomo’Instant Wide camera.

About the photos: I often stay at home to work and to relax, so I have a couple of shots of my room/workspace. I rarely go out nowadays (I have no patience for Manila traffic) so also took the camera with me when I visited Nayong Pilipino and UP. I have no particular favorite but I like my UP photos. UP is my sanctuary, and I find myself taking photos of the same areas and things around the campus every time I visit. I guess it is part documentation and part nostalgia; people say UP is so much different now. I’d like to think I am freezing it in time with every photo I take.

Favorite feature of the Lomo’Instant Wide: I like how easy it is to shoot with the camera. Sure, it is huuuuuge, but I like how the controls can be found in one “dashboard” at the back so you get to compose your shot the way you want it without fidgeting with the settings. And having a bigger frame to shoot with is certainly a plus!

Lomo’Instant Wide Creative Tip: I’m thinking it would be great for telling one-frame stories with a background photo and hand-drawn elements.

Learn more about the artist on her website, Facebook page and on Instagram.

written by Jill Tan Radovan on 2016-08-13 #instant #showcase #instant-photography #lomo-instant-wide #ella-lama #instantshowcase

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