7 Iconic Panorama Cameras


If you’re taking photos of scenic landscapes and feel that your camera and lens setup isn’t just cutting it, then you should consider using a panoramic camera. A panoramic camera is specially designed to take sweeping photos, fully utilizing the film frame for a fuller image without sacrificing detail. Some photographers prefer rotating lenses while others use wide-angle lenses and bigger film formats.

Let’s take a look at some unique panoramic cameras that can make you go wide-eyed and thirsting for some panoramic shooting:

Horizon Perfekt

First on the list is our very own Horizon Perfekt. This camera can go toe to toe with other panoramic cameras that use bigger film formats thanks to its smooth mechanical rotating lens that exposes almost two full 35 mm frames. Its ergonomic handle, sturdy body coat, wide-angle viewfinder, and a myriad of settings make it a contender in the panoramic camera field. Pair it with a cable release and a tripod for a more steady shooting style and you’ve got yourself clean and crisp panoramic photos in a snap.

Credits: kylewis, satomi, reinertlee, albie, ericeast, ccwu, porkchopsandy, kikuzumi, guanatos, bravopires & bloomchen

Noblex Pro 175 U

Next is the Noblex Pro 175 U camera that churns out large 6 × 17 mm images that will just pop out of the print. Photographers can expect only 4 shots from a roll of 120 film but along with that, amazing detail and brilliant clarity. Professional panoramic photographers and serious enthusiasts carry this camera for its premium settings and superior feel.

Photos: vicuna, gauthierdumonde

Fuji GX617

The Fuji GX617 is hailed by some photographers to be one of the best wide-angle panoramic cameras in the market today. Boasting a very functional design along with slick styling, the GX617 may be quite a handful for photographers who are fairly new to the panoramic game. It can use 120 or 220 formats, allows a wide option of lenses ranging from 90 mm to 300 mm optics, a leaf shutter and separate viewfinder for various lens options. You can expect nothing less than high-quality large format prints from the GX617.

Photos: takutakutomika

Belair X 6-12

Featuring a classic bellows design, Lomography Belair X 6-12 is a medium format camera that boasts automatic exposure, multiple exposure mode, and the versatility of 3 photo formats for an easy yet creative panoramic experience.

Credits: bloomchen, ck_berlin & anjinho

Hasselblad XPan 35mm

This camera has a huge following among panoramic cameras easily because of the sharpness of the images it can produce. The Hasselblad XPan 35 mm offers crisp panoramas right off the bat with its 45mm f/4 lens while still staying way below the price point of other higher-end panoramic cameras in the market. Designed and manufactured by Fuji in Japan, the XPan is also available as the Fuji TX-1 with different exteriors but the same craftsmanship and inner workings. The XPan 35 mm produces 24 × 65 mm frames with a width and height ratio of 2:7. It can also shoot standard 24 × 36 mm frames for quick snaps with a flick of a switch.

Credits: @primula and @vici

Sprocket Rocket

The Sprocket Rocket is the world’s first panoramic wide-angle 35 mm camera dedicated to sprockets, so you can capture the beauty in any corner of the galaxy. It has a unique 1:3 panoramic aspect ratio, a 106° field of view, a wide 30 mm focal length, and a focusing zone of 0.6 m to infinity. The Sprocket Rocket shoots panoramic images in 72 x 33 mm frames – sprocket holes included. For days when you feel like foregoing them, it comes with a sprocket cover frame that will leave you with an image size of 72 x 24 mm. It also possesses other creative features like a bulb setting for long exposures and a reverse gear to rewind and remix your out-of-this-world images.

Credits: singleelderly, bccbarbosa, atria007, juansupergen & larahacefotos

Spinner 360

For an exciting option for casual snapshots, Lomography Spinner 360 takes the cake. The name says it all: this quirky 35 mm camera that functions with a pull of the ripcord spins 360 degrees to capture everything around you — including you! Shooting from different angles produces even more interesting and bizarre results.

Credits: bxlomo, ck_berlin, cyanwater & elvismartinezsmith

Some information used in this article was sourced from Berk-Edu, Stockholm Views, Fototheque, and Images and Cameras. Don't forget to drop by our online shop to see our selection of cameras!

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Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Lomography Sprocket Rocket

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    lawypop ·

    My all-time favourite!

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    don't forget the Belair and the lovely Sprocket Rocket!

  3. vici
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    actually, 2 of those xpan images are by @vici

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    Only the Horizon sells for less than a 4 digits price. Some of the others mentioned here cost up to 7 grands...

  5. zaiber
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    Nice photos. And you can try Fotoman 617 MKII-L, Horseman SW-617/Pro and Panono 360° Camera. to get high quality shots too. Here are detailed reviews about those panorama cameras. www.widsmob.com/resource/panorama-camera.html

  6. debdebrito
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    You have the very best professional panorama film camera.
    The Linhof Technorama 617 with three lens choices (56mm x 172mm)

    Also, the Noblex Pro 175 U image size is 50x170 mm
    Not 6x17mm & not 56x170
    Noblex’s crop 56 -> 50 same on
    Noblex 150 is 50x120

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    hi, I have a question. How big is the difference between your camera and these: www.bestadvisor.com/360-degree-cameras
    And what are the differences?
    I will be grateful for the answer :)

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