Joe Nigel Coleman: Tasmania and the Mojave Desert with the Lomo'Instant

After giving up shooting instant film several years ago when Polaroid went out of business and not being satisfied with the film material available, Melbourne based photographer Joe Nigel Coleman just recently rediscovered his passion for the medium and started shooting instant again with the Lomo'Instant on his trips to Tasmania and the Mojave Desert.

On the Lomo'Instant: "I’ve always loved the colours/tones that you get from Fuji Instax film so was pretty stoked when I found out about a camera that gives you so much control. Being able to take timed exposures with the bulb setting & being able to adjust the exposure up or down a few stops lets me create photos that turn out exactly how I imagine them."

On Tasmania: "I spent some time last year exploring the beautifully wild island down the bottom of Australia that is Tasmania. A friend of mine had been living over in Hobart for a while and had the lowdown on some really nice spots. We split our time between the coast and the mountains. Swimming in a crystal clear rock pool one day, snowed in up on a mountain the next."

Mojave Desert: "I’ve been to the Mojave Desert a few times now and the landscape never ceases to blow my mind. I can’t get enough of the Joshua Trees. Each one seems to have it’s own personality. I went through a lot of film taking portraits of my favourites."

If you want to see more of Joe Nigel Coleman's work, just visit his website, follow his photodiary on Tumblr and Instagram or stayed tuned for more upcoming Showcase Features.

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