Barcelona: Welcome Party Lomography Spinner 360º and New Embassy Store


The Lomography Spinner 360º is now REAL! Check out how our friends from Barcelona went down and dirty for this crazy launch!

The Lomography Spinner 360º is now REAL!!!

Last June 9th we introduced at the Lomography Embassy BCN the long anticipated Lomographic camera: a secret we had been keeping for weeks! The Lomographers, eager to find out about our new product, came to the new Lomography Embassy in Barcelona.

It was a Double celebration.

On one hand, we celebrated the opening of the new store. On the other, the worldwide launch of the brand new Lomography Spinner 360º.

We were under a great deal of pressure to get the Embassy ready for the event… but we managed! The store opened its doors at 8pm to greet our Lomographer friends. The party went on almost until midnight, when we had to call it a night after getting several hints from one of the neighbours that was sending signals from their balcony!

Everything spanned at 45 revs… especially the fantastic vinyls DJ by the lovely Geraldine during the evening. The party went crazy at times, with flashes going on and off everywhere. An evening in great company and great drinks made the Spinningly brilliant party a big success!

Thank you to those who came, and also thank you to those who wanted to come, but couldn’t make it.

Remember, we have already moved to the new store, in calle Rosic 2, just 80 steps from the old one at El Borne.

written by pasqualecaprile on 2010-06-11 #news #fiesta #barcelona #presentation #spinner360
translated by pasqualecaprile


  1. in_search_of_answers
    in_search_of_answers ·

    what a nice party!!!!
    wanna be there;)

  2. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    haha :) I see myself on one of the pics :) how cool! thanks, Pasquale!

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