Lomography's Lab - Unlimited Uploads!


Where else can you get unlimited uploads, free swag and an unbelievably tight community? Only here in Lomography!

Ready to share your freshly taken lomographs with the rest of the World?
Well, with's new Lab uploading, sharing and organizing your ever growing picture collection has never been easier.

Here’s the deal:

  • Easy free & unlimited photo upload
  • Organize your photos into neat albums to make your very own lomohome the perfect showcase.
  • Add tags, titles and other metadata to give more information about your shots to your adoring fans too!
  • Let others know which camera and film you used and where you took the photos. This way the chances of them appearing in one of our collections also increases.

To make things even better, uploading pays off right away!
We are giving out 5 piggies worth 5 USD/EUR/GBP to everyone that uploads at least 30 photos until 18.06.10!

If you haven’t tried it out, please do so. Believe us when we say that you’re missing out! Come over here for more information on our new Lab and how to use it. We hope to see your photos soon! For now, see what all the fuss is all about and try out the new Lab!

written by cruzron on 2010-06-11 #news #lab #magazine #uploads #update


  1. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Nice! What about the piggies/the special gift for those who uploaded/uploaded the most pics when the new lab was initially launched? I uploaded >1000 photos then, so I'm curious to see if I won the special prize ;)

  2. cheryle
    cheryle ·

    I have finished uploading. ^^.

  3. cheryle
  4. katastrofik79
    katastrofik79 ·

    just uploaded a bunch - how long does it take to receive the wonderous piggies?

  5. fabyen
    fabyen ·

    right on time ;)

  6. neja
    neja ·

    I have uploaded about 300 images in the past few days. Does it count????

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