Stargazing with Tiny1: A Portable Telescope and Camera


Usually, you’d need a huge telescope and expensive photographic equipment that may only be available among astronomers and scientists; but it is now possible for everyone to uncover the night sky’s mysteries — unseen by the naked eye.

TinyMOS, a company founded in April 2014, has managed to successfully crowdfund their product, Tiny1, the world’s smallest astronomy camera.

Tiny1 camera, front and back

With a funding goal of $100,000, the campaign has surpassed its goal as they currently have reached $309,534 (USD) from 1,256 backers. The camera’s launch price is at $349.00 (USD), but can also be availed through several packages in its campaign pledges over Indiegogo.

The Tiny1 camera

The product was the brainchild of founder Grey Tan, whom was driven to create the camera through his frustration of being unable to see the Milky Way despite his extensive experience in photography and possessing a DSLR camera.

“We want the everyday person to pick up a Tiny1 camera and be able to take images of the Milky Way and Northern lights – sights that they may only get to see once in their life. They will now be able to share the beautiful sights with their friends and family.” said Grey Tan in the press release.

Additionally, the aim of the campaign is to create more astronomy communities and make stargazing as a more interactive hobby.

Images taken with Tiny 1, courtesy of the press kit from TinyMOS

There are 3 more days to go before TinyMOS’ campaign closes! Pledge now at Indiegogo and have a unique experience with stargazing and stellar photography.

All images and content used are with permission, taken from the Tiny1’s press kit.

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  1. gueaut
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    Sounds pretty interesting. I'll keep an eye out for reviews before I think about buying one.

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