Lomography Spinner 360° Party in Berlin

Finally! The Spinner 360° is the newest star on Lomography. In Berlin we had a big party with chilled drinks and a Breakdancing performing the perfect “spin”.

Before we even launched the Spinner 360° officially in Berlin we had the first phone call: “Do you already have this brand new camera?” Sure we do! The whole Gallery Store was already in a spinning mood. We installed a new picture in our Lightbox behind the counter, put posters and pictures on the wall and into our shop window.

Instead of the classic drum roll we started the party with a breakdancing crew! They were turning, jumping, spinning – just as the Spinner 360° which is definitely one of the craziest cameras on earth. At 7:30 we finally revealed what was hiding under the white cloth: our mystery product, the Spinner 360°. All eyes were on this little black camera. You could hear people making “aaaah” and “ooooh”. Everybody wanted to touch and try it.

Our DJ played the perfect music to spin around in the Store. Chilled beer, Wodka and Orangejuice was available for everyone. After the launch the first expert talks were held: How many pictures can I take? How does the camera work? Where is the trigger? The Spinner’s technical details impressed us all. And at the end of the party we all knew: we are not crazy (“spinnen” in German) but we are SPINNING.

Wanna pull the Spinner cord? Have a look at the most freewheeling 360° panoramic camera. The Lomography Gallery Store Berlin is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 10 to 8.

Lomography Gallery Store Berlin
Friedrichstraße 133
10117 Berlin

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written by graefin on 2010-06-10 #news #gallery-storeberlinlomographyproduct-launchpartylaunchspinner-360lgs-berlin
translated by graefin

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