The Art of Sculpting and Molding Light by Michael Jackson


Photography is the visual art form almost synonymous to much older form, painting, and not much else can be done with the camera obscura apart from painting with light. Acclaimed British photographer Michael Jackson, however, likens photography to pottery, as proven in his luminograms.

Luminogram © Michael Jackson

The Carmarthenshire-based photographer dedicates himself solely to the art of photography, having studied the art form for eight years and practicing the art form in the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire. Jackson has also been recognized for photographic studies on Poppit Sands Beach and rocks, as seen in his series “Poppit Sands” and “A Child’s Landscape”, respectively.

Unattached to any of the photographic techniques, Jackson prefers to explore, experiment and innovate all around photography to in his works. A true avant-garde of photography, he is on his way to becoming one of the most renowned contemporary fine art photographers.

Luminograms © Michael Jackson

The luminogram is an alternative photographic process in which an image is created through the exposure of a highly photosensitive material to light without the interference of other objects. The luminogram has been practiced since the 19th century.

Luminograms © Michael Jackson

However, Jackson creates his own improved and more distinguished use of the process through his series “Luminogram Studies”, “Light on Paper” and “The Self-Representation of Light”, actually controlling — “molding”, as how Jackson describes it — on how light will be transferred to the paper through several intricate steps.

The intricacy of Jackson’s workflow, which he himself will discuss in our upcoming interview with him, manifests his dedication and passion to fine art photography.

Luminograms © Michael Jackson

Watch out for Lomography’s exclusive interview with Michael Jackson soon. In the meantime, visit his website for more of his fine art photography or our news article on his show at the MMX Gallery. Images used are with permission from Michael Jackson.

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