Nude Art Photographs of Carla van de Puttelaar Launches in Los Angeles

The Kopeikin Gallery opened an exhibit showcasing the fine art nude photographs of Dutch artist Carla van de Puttelaar last Saturday, June 18.

© Carla van de Puttelaar, Untitled 2006, courtesy of Kopeikin Gallery

The exhibit, “Sculptural Skin”, features van de Puttelaar’s trademark film-photographed nude and flower studies, created in soft and subtle light and color.

“Human skin becomes its own landscape – a place where every freckle, crease, and mark is a noted event. This exhibition showcases work from 1998 to the present where van de Puttelaar’s photographs, whether of women or flowers, tread a fine line between the sensual and an almost medical dispassion. Shot against darkened backgrounds, and illuminated by the special quality of natural Dutch light, the works create a daring fusion of beauty and realism enabled by the artist’s careful control of composition,” said the gallery in the press release.

© Carla van de Puttelaar, Hortus Nocturnum, 70, courtesy of Kopeikin Gallery

Instead of portraying nudes in a seductive aesthetic, van de Puttelaar poses women as chaste and serene.

“The female nudes are in repose with eyes closed rebuffing any engagement with the viewer. The nudes are full length and photographed from overhead. The poses are similar but the body language differentiates each nude as some appear serene and others appear guarded with a hand across their chest or hip. There is a starkness between the paleness of the women’s skin set against the black background and lack of engagement between the viewer and the nude that mediates any erotic tone in the image, what remains is romantic and real.” added the gallery.

The exhibit will run through July 16.

Learn more about this exhibition through the Kopeikin Gallery’s website. Images used are with permission from the gallery.

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