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Call For Entry: Holga & Friends Out of the Box Competition


The 6th Annual Holga & Friends Out of the Box (On Creativity That Is!) International Photography Competition is now under way! The juror is Harvey Stein, a professional photographer, teacher, lecturer, author and curator based in New York City.

It is open to amateur and professional photographers around the globe that use a toy camera or an element of it. Photographs of your choice of subject matter made with any low-end, low-tech, limited-control camera “toy” camera – such as pinhole, Holga, Diana, Konstruktor F, Brownies, Anscos, and other Lomography cameras— will be accepted. Photographs made from Polaroid-type film backs attached to Holgas are also welcome. Photographs made from a DSLR or SLR with a pinhole, Holga, Diana, or plastic lens will be accepted. For this exhibit, straight Polaroid-type images or images made with cell phones, disposable cameras or point-and-shoot cameras will not be accepted.

Credits: laurasulilly

The Holga & Friends Out of the Box International Photography Exhibition opens October 1st during ArtWalk and continues through November 13, 2015 here at TCC PHOTO GALLERY located at 207 N. Center St., Longview, TX 75601 and on the web.

Credits: ohlordy

Deadline for The Toy Camera International call for entry is July 28, 2016, Midnight CST.

Entry Fees
The entry fee of $35 for up to 5 images. Photographers may enter up to 10 images only at $5 each additional.

Holga Out of the Box Exhibition will show 50 images in the gallery and online exhibition.

Best of Show – $500, Diana F+ and film
2nd Place – $250
3rd Place – $150

Click here to enter.

Credits: drame
Credits: ohlordy & gepo1303
Credits: ohlordy

Harvey Stein says of the Holga;
“The simplicity of use of the Holga is one of its characteristics that attracts me to it. The camera frees me from worrying about manipulating controls; this encourages spontaneity and immediacy. The camera allows photographic seeing to be more direct, without the “machine” to think about. I hope to make serious, visually complex images of various subjects that belie the simplicity with which they are made. The “look” of a photograph made with a Holga is different from usual photographs—-the soft edges, the slightly blurred effect, the square format, the vignetting, and the often dream-like, shimmering atmospheric quality—all heighten the expressiveness of the image. I look for subjects (trees, landscapes, dark spaces) that I think would be ideally suited to the Holga and will result in photographs that I could not have achieved otherwise. With the Holga, I can evoke emotions and feelings that achieve a sense of how things are felt and remembered rather than how they appear.”.

Credits: m_e

We are the only fine art photography gallery in North East Texas, specifically in Longview, TX. TCC was first a commercial studio, then in 2006 we opened the gallery with the inaugural exhibit of Muhammad Ali, photographs by Sonia Katchian. We were the first US gallery to host the Holga Inspire traveling exhibit in 2009. We have also shown, Dan Burkholder, Dennis Fagan, O. Rufus Lovett, Scott C. Campbell, Blue Earth Alliance photographers, Polly Chandler, Mary Ann Lynch, Laura Pickett Calfee, Pat Brown, Danea Males, TCC, Orville Robertson, John Wrather, Tami Bone, Texas Photographic Society, Robert Langham, Jenny Ellerbe, Susan Burnstine, and Kenny Braun.

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