The World's Favorite Game: The Culture of Football in Analogue


Football is the world’s favorite game, with the exception of some countries. To some, it’s a lifestyle, a culture, even a religion. If you’ve been keeping tabs with this month’s UEFA EURO 2016, these documented Lomo photographs of football culture will surely be your weekend’s treat.

A diversity of loyalties

Credits: neja, susielomovitz, zorki & foochuk

Solo flight

Credits: elvismartinezsmith, alex-vidal, poepel & goldie

Street celebrations

Credits: mireiawonka, miramira, missdelilah & homer

Crowd of fans

Credits: kvboyle, whitelise, wil6ka, lomopolar & welland

The athletes’ routine

Credits: bloomchen, worldwidewerder & winter73

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    don't forget Coppa America centenario also held this month =) #HoVistoMessi

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