Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong - Spinner 360° launching party!


Lomography Spin around Hong Kong tonight!

Quick 360° party review from Hong Kong!

Since the past few weeks, Lomographers in Hong Kong have been excited and waited for one night – 9th June 2010, the world-wide launching party of the new mystery Lomography product!

Start from 7pm, Lomographers start to flood-in the Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong, with the cool spinning videos and the mystery cards hang around the shop, they still have no clues what exactly we are cooking in the Lomography kitchen!

After some cool performance of Chinese-spinning-plates, we have a official presentation of the new product – Spinner 360°, ta-dah! and everyone was clapping and screaming after they finally saw this amazing camera, which was originally hidden under the secret gold cloth.

Spinner party

Alex, our Store Manager presents different parts of the Spinner 360°, and the 10 superb way to use the Spinner 360° together with a live demonstration!

The party not just end like this, music, drinks and chats still going on,
and Lomographers are just too busy to touch and play with the Spinner 360°!

More details of this party and the great shots will be follow!

Stay tune!

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  1. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    looked like a fun, rainy night! wish I was there :)

  2. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    coooool! and the picture from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory : D

  3. dream
    dream ·

    yea, it was a rainy day but still happy to have lots of Lomographers in HK came!
    specially like the spinning-plate challenge at the end - difficult but fun!

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