Channeling the Symmetry and Palettes of Wes Anderson


Ever wondered what makes the films of Wes Anderson be so eye-candy and why every frame of his is screenshot-worthy? We tackle the elements of Anderson’s cinematic signature through these photographs from the community.

Palettes of pastels

Credits: emerymott, ngjinglingfiona, flatphysics, roundmidnight & brigid215

Eccentric-clothed characters

Credits: wallywalter, kylethefrench, reneg88, 231189 & badjuju

Symmetric minimalism and open spaces

Credits: kkmm, photobarbie, trash-gordon-from-outer-space, atropaworkshop, merelgroebbe & kazze

Ornate softness

Credits: fake_lol, neja, growmanfrenchy & bincabonca

Still life in slide colors

Credits: elvismartinezsmith, worldwidewerder & oguzhanabdik

2016-06-12 #culture #gallery #colors #photography #symmetry #pastel #composition #wes-anderson #creative-photography

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