Lomo LC-A Moments (Part 3)


What does the LC-A camera mean to you? For the pioneers of the Lomography, it's the camera that opened their eyes to an experimental and spontaneous way of shooting. Over the years, this tiny camera evolved from being the cornerstone of a ground-shaking photography movement into a personal keeper of milestones and memories. For its 32nd birthday, lomographers from across the globe narrate how this analog wonder became a part of their own history.


It was January of 2014 when Isabel's grandfather got very ill. In order to to stay as close as possible to him and to her grandmother, Isa and I spent every weekend driving back and forth from Budapest, Hungary to Graz, Austria. This went on for a month. Those were very hard days and an incredible sadness hung in the air.

One Sunday morning, before going to the hospital to visit Franz, we grabbed some of their heirlooms on their family house and put them together to recreate a tea party-inspired set. Cakes, dim lights, a baby bunny, a vintage dress, and a smile on Isabel's face, a first in many weeks. I decided to use my LC-A+ for the photo shoot because I never had great results from indoor shoots with other cameras. The outcome surprised us because it was flawless and perfectly fit the image that we have in mind. The shots still remind us about that morning, when we could escape reality, even for a while.

Credits: andrejrusskovskij


The LC-A is the queen of all Lomo cameras. We all know this! Today, I own an LC-A+ RL and it's all thanks to Mery, or @atria007, whom you all know well! When she came to Italy, I housed her for a few days. I tried her LC-A and I loved it! So I bought one with piggies (Yeah!). I didn't have any second thoughts with it. It's pocket-size and always ready to shoot. It has a button for multiple exposures and a great 32mm lens that provides vignetting! In short, it's a bomb of a camera that every cool lomographer must have! Happy birthday LC-A! Enjoy!

Credits: cryboy


Over the years, I’ve experienced many memorable moments with my LC-A but the one that stands out the most is the one that I experience the most. It’s simply the feeling I get whenever a film from my LC-A comes back from the lab. The restless impatience as I tear open the envelope and feed the CD into my hungry disc drive. Impatience that changes to giddy excitement as the images come up on my computer screen and I get to see them for the first time, discovering exactly how good (or bad!) they turned out. No matter how many times this happens it never fails to make my day and is still one of the reasons I love my LC-A so much!

Credits: lomomowlem


To be honest, the LC-A is that type of camera that captures every moment. I mean that the camera is always with me. It's my number one camera. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I always bring it with me, as it is my most trusted companion ever. You can tell that from these pictures that I am sharing with you.

Credits: ivaylo


Ever since I discovered Lomography, I wanted to own an LC-A but sadly it was out of my budget. I had just become a father and every penny I earned went towards my daughter. There was no way I could justify paying that much for a camera! I told myself I should be happy with my Spinner, Fisheye No. 2 and Diana Mini. For the next few months, I would view all these amazing LC-A photos on the Lomography website. I was so envious.

One day, I saw one going cheap on eBay (well the starting price was cheap) and thought I'd give it a go. I told myself I wouldn't go any higher than £90. The final few hours of bidding had arrived and I was glued to my laptop. I was winning! Then suddenly some cruel heartless so and so outbid me! I was so upset. Vicki told me to bid again. £95 and I was still outbid! £100 and I was still outbid!

"One more bid and that's it," I told myself (I lied. It was Vicki whon told me to bid one more time and that's it). £105 and I was still outbid! It was so upsetting. Then I had this crazy idea. I said, "Vicki, if you let me bid again and if I win this camera, I promise I will marry you." I know how much she wanted to get married. I waited until there was 15 seconds left and bid £130. I won it for £107.

Was I happy? No. Not at all. All I could think of was "OH NO! I'm getting married!" But it was worth it!

Credits: weleasewoger72


My LC-A+ is the Lomo camera that I carry everywhere, everyday. I use it to make all sorts of experiments and weird multi-exposures. One thing I know for sure, my LC-A+ will never let me down! I dream about showing it and the wonder it creates to the world!

Credits: ishifishy


It's the camera perfect for any occasion, no matter what kind of weather or light condition. When you got the LC-A in your pocket, you can be sure that you'll not miss the right moment to shoot.

Credits: goonies


A friend of mine asked if he could borrow one of my cameras in exchange for his beloved LC-A, I said, "Yes, sure." Years went by and I never heard anything from him again. And now, I always remember him every time I use his LC-A, thinking that maybe he is also using my camera to make memories the same way that I make memories with his LC-A. You can see some of these photos here.

Credits: mindyminde


My most memorable experience with the LC-A is my trip to the Lomography International Congress in Beijing back in 2004. I only had my LomoHome for a year or so when I won the rumble and became one of the 127 (if I am not mistaken) lomographers who descended on the capital on China. It was pure madness in the best possible way! We had calligraphy lessons. We flew kites. We were beaten by the local kids in table tennis, among other things. Of course, the day trip to the Great Wall of China and seeing the 200-meter long LomoWall in Ri Tan Park will never be forgotten. I still cherish some of the friendships that I made there.

Credits: neja


Happy birthday, LC-A! You are one of the best cameras in the world and I wish you a long life and a lot of lovers. Cheers for the next 32 years!

Credits: sushi_9009


One beautifully sunny September afternoon in 2011, I was heading back to my home town Brighton when I noticed a thick bank of sea mist hanging above the seafront and pebble beach. I raced down with an LC-A+ loaded with Lomography Chrome 100 and another one loaded with Fuji Velvia 100. As I arrived at the shore, the temperature dropped down and I was immersed in a gloopy fog which was superbly atmospheric. I was also delighted to find that it was low tide. When the tide is out this far in Brighton, wet sand is revealed which can make amazing reflections. With a handful of people wandering around there, the stage was set for a couple of my favorite single-shot LC-A images.

Credits: fotobes


The LC-A+ is one of my favorite companions this past five years. I love that it is compact, easy to operate, and produce wonderful results. I have so many memorable experiences with this camera. Maybe the most memorable one to date is that encounter I had with this guy practicing Kung Fu in one of the alleys in Chinatown, San Francisco. The photographs I produced during that time are still some of my favorites and that moment is still so fresh in my mind.

Credits: grazie


I got into Lomography because of the LC-A. It was love at first sight. I've been shooting with the LC-A for six years and still in love with it!

Credits: 134340

Read the first two parts of this special series here and here. Thank you to everyone who celebrated LC-A's 32nd birthday with us!

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    Congratulations everyone , and a big Happie birthday to our favorite little LC-A+. The adventures have just begun !!!!

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