Lomography Spinner 360° Camera - Launch Party Taipei Live Report

Today is an important day for Lomographers worldwide. Fellow analogue enthusiasts in Taipei gave the brand new Lomography Spinner 360° camera a nice welcome into the Lomography Camera Family and celebrated a the dawn of a new chapter of Lomographic History.

The mystery new product has set in Taipei at 7:15pm local time, for its safety we had even hired two security men….
You could almost feel the tension and excitement in the air at Lomography Gallery Store Taipei when the crowd gathered there count down the minute before revelation.
In a glorious ceremony, sharp at 7 :30 the mystery product finally was revealed but the excitement became even bigger then. Excitement wasn´t all about the 5 beautiful girls in red and white cheongsam (traditional chinese costume)at the catwalk. everyone was interested in the cameras they presented. ..just take a look at this video.

The fantastic choreography had an even greater finaly – all girls posing in one of the carefully chosen new Lomography Spinner 360° shooting positions before `jeansman´ entered the stage to show off pose number 6 together with the girls.

After having some snacks and supplies there was a group of gypsy dancers entertaining the party folks with a beautiful round dance, everyone wanted to get to the first floor for a nice view and good shooting position – to capture the most beautiful rotating screen.

After the beautiful round skirt dancing we did some funny rope skipping! Everyone was shy at first and afraid to do the first jump but after warm up we even successful had five people skipping at the same time.(Maybe next time, come the challenges of six ~ seven ~ ~)

Now, the new product is on the wooden box, just waiting for you to take one home and try the amazing new creative possibilities the brand new Lomography Spinner 360° offers to Lomographers!

written by shanti929 on 2010-06-09 #news #party #report #live #launch #spin #taipei #360
translated by shanti929

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