Teleportation Through Time and Space with Multiple Exposures


Have you tried to defy the laws of science with a film camera? You sure can. The handy multiple-exposure technique allows you to create otherworldly and fantasy-like images without being too overdone like in CGI. Here are some examples from the community to guide your analogue teleportation.

Ghostly transmissions

Credits: magrifas & neja

Leaping through time

Credits: bccbarbosa & fayeusokoi

Multi-dimensional bicycles

Credits: sebastianerras, koduckgirl, nospringchicken & fotobes

In two places at once

Credits: lomomowlem, hanshendley, tamsoam & hodachrome

Parallel worlds

Credits: hodachrome, clownshoes, ohlordy & neja

Photographic portals

Credits: hodachrome

2016-06-03 #culture #photography #double-exposures #multiple-exposures #creative-photography #creative-gallery

One Comment

  1. finnandersson
    finnandersson ·

    does someone want to tell me how to do these? they look incredible and I'm just getting into film photography... thanks! :)

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