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Our beloved Lomo LC-A camera turns 32 this year! Through the years, we’ve seen this classic compact camera switch its color palettes and designs. But beyond the change in its looks is a story or milestone to raise our glasses to.

To celebrate its birthday, we invite you to take a trip down the memory lane and see the different LC-A+ models that we’ve had in our lineup. How many of these special editions do you recognize?

Lomo LC-A (1984)

Impressed by a little Japanese compact camera called the Cosina CX-1, General Igor Petrowitsch Kornitzky (right-hand man to the USSR Minister of Defense and Industry) and his comrade Michail Panfilowitsch Panfiloff (Director of the LOMO Russian Arms and Optical factory), gave orders to the LOMO PLC factory in St. Petersburg, Russia to recreate an improved version of the camera. In 1982, the first working sample of the Lomo LC-A was born. It wasn’t until 1984 when mass production began, and soon after, the camera became popular in Communist countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Cuba.

The now-vintage Lomo LC-A have Russian lettering and film measurements in GOST, which means that it reads “16/32/65/130/250” instead of the ISO/ASA “25/64/100/200” that is commonly used now. Some models have visible distance icons in the viewfinder, while other models have frame lines.

Lomo LC-A+ (2006)

Retaining the Lomo LC-A’s iconic features such as the Minitar-1 glass lens, zone focusing, and automatic exposure, the improved Lomo LC-A+ gets some creative extras: an MX switch for multiple exposures, improved ISO settings, and a cable release enabled button for long time exposures. It is also designed to accommodate exclusive LC-A+ lenses and accessories, such as the Wide-Angle Lens and the LC-A+ Splitzer.

Lomo LC-A Russian Lens

It’s the Lomo LC-A+ that you know – equipped with the creative extras and the power to accessorize – but what makes this camera special is the authentic Russian-crafted Minitar-1 lens!

Lomo LC-A “The Pharaoh” Edition (2006)

This limited edition LC-A is a copper-encrusted masterpiece, produced in only 50 pieces. Inspired by the Egyptian culture, the front panel shows Horus, a falcon that symbolizes the eternal God of the Sky, while the rear panel is decorated with images of Egyptian goddesses Hathor, Nebthet, and Nefertari.

Lomo LC-A+ “No Nukes” Edition (2009)

Designed by the Lomography Embassy in Seoul, Korea to protest against nuclear weapons, this LC-A+ special edition was designed with leather skin and the ‘No Nukes’ logo stamping. Only 500 units were produced and each camera was packaged in a wooden box.

Lomo LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Edition (2009)

To commemorate the Lomo LC-A’s 25th birthday, this special edition partied in a textured suit and wore a 25th Anniversary badge.

Lomo LC-A+ Gold (2010)

A hundred and thirty of this golden analogue nugget was produced, and it was much-coveted for a shining reason: it has the original Russian Minitar-1 lens! Wrapped in the finest brown leather and a touch of 24-carat gold, the LC-A+ Gold was engraved with a unique number and a certification sheet to guarantee its authenticity. It was packed in an elegant wooden box with 2 rolls of Lomography 800 Film and the “Lomographiere” hardcover book.

Lomo LC-A+ White (2010)

Graceful in white and exuding a minimalist vibe, the LC-A+ White took its inspiration from ‘Karesansui’, a traditional Japanese stone garden. The stone garden’s delicate lines carved into the gravel symbolize the endless flow of water, and this is beautifully rendered into the LC-A+ White’s luxurious leather. The whirling white waves form a “25” on the back of the camera to honor the Lomo LC-A+’s 25th anniversary.

This special edition was designed by Lomography Japan and was produced in 1000 units. The camera package included a Lomo L-Case White Edition exclusively for this kit.

Lomo LC-A+ Instant Camera (2010)

The Lomo LC-A+ Instant Camera allows the option to shoot classic 35mm photos or instant snapshots, simply by switching up the Instant Back+ with the classic LC-A+ Back. Shooting instants is easy and convenient, because it uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film, which is commonly available in most camera and film shops.

This camera produces instant shots with the LC-A+’s famous effects – deep colors and saturation, eye-popping details, vignettes, and the overall analogue look.

Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day Limited Edition (2011)

The Lomo LC-A+ shows off its naughty side with the Russia Day edition. Wrapped in red Italian goat leather and decorated with fertility symbol details, this special camera was packaged in a special velvet box including a special camera strap and Russia Day emblem. Only 2,000 cameras were produced.

So what’s the inspiration behind this camera? Well, in 2007 Russia was challenged with a demographic problem. Birth rates were falling and the government decided to give out money and prizes to couples who would produce a baby by September 12! The Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day is our tribute to this special occasion, launched with two totally unique competitions: Apply For a Dream Date and Show Us Some Love.

Lomo LC-A+ Silver Lake (2012)

Originally available only in Japan and Korea, this beautiful LC-A+ edition was produced for the worldwide market in only 1,000 pieces. While the Lomo LC-A+ is known for its classic, all-black look, this collectible looks especially stunning in its chrome-and-leather outfit.

Lomo LC-A+ 20 Years of Lomography Edition

There wouldn’t be a Lomography community if it were not for the Lomo LC-A camera! In honor of the two decades (and counting!) of the most colorful, diverse, unpredictable, strange, exciting, and vignetted beautiful memories of Lomography, this special edition was launched. 1,000 units, each with their own serial number and certificate of authenticity, looking distinctively avant-garde in its electric blue stamped leather suit.

So, which among these Lomo LC-A/LC-A+ editions do you own? How was your first encounter with the Lomo LC-A/LC-A+? Share your stories in the comments section!

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Lomo LC-A+

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  1. mrmaart
    mrmaart ·

    As a proud owner of Golden LC-A+ #108 I am still looking for partners in crime - who has got one also? Shoot me a message!

  2. nural
    nural ·

    OMG! I have never seen the Lomo LC-A “The Pharaoh” Edition before and it is AMAZING!!!

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