LomoAmigo: Mathieu Aghababian and the Lomo'Instant Wide

Mathieu Aghababian is a sliding sports enthusiast and a skateboarding photographer based in Paris. He took the Lomo'Instant Wide for a ride and shared his impressions.

Hello Mathieu, please introduce yourself.

I am 28 and I am a French photographer. I work as a photographer for an extreme sports store and I shoot skateboarding on the weekends. I come from the French Alps but I now live in Paris.

How did you get into photography?

I started photography when I was 15. First with disposable cameras and then with my mom’s Fujica AX3. At first, it was for fun. And then, as I used to take a lot of photos of my friends skiing and snowboarding, I realized that I really enjoyed it so I bought my first “real” camera.

You work in the world of skateboarding. Do you practice?

Yes I do, even if I am more a snowboarder than a skateboarder. But skateboarding is more common on Paris I guess.

You also shoot a lot of portraits.

I really love portraits pictures. I love to capture people emotions through my cameras, especially with close-up portraits.

Tell us about your first impressions on the Lomo’Instant Wide.

The Lomo’instant Wide is really great. As it is bigger than the other instant cameras, it is easier to handle. The MX mode is really cool. I wanted to try it on everything and everywhere, as it is really interesting to see the quick result of multiple exposures. This camera is easy to use even if you need a bit of time adjusting to the settings and automatic mode, as you need to correct the exposure.

How was your first shooting?

I quickly realized that this camera asked for many reflections before shooting … I think I took around 7 pictures in 10 minutes. You need to think about the composition of your picture beforehand, but it is so addictive to see the pictures immediately.

What did you take picture of?

I wanted to capture the environment around me, skateboarding, friends and family … and also moments that surround a skateboarding shooting: when skaters are training, their boards, the buildings around us …

What tip would you give to a first-time user?

This camera is a really good surprise, but even if there is an automatic mode, I advise people to be careful about the photograph’s exposures. Sometimes, you can have overexposed pictures.

What are you inspired by?

Many people inspire me. Benoit Paillé is a great inspiration for portrait photography. In sports photography, I really like Matt Georges’s work and also Dean Blotto Grey. They are great photographers that made me dream when I was younger. Robert Capa is for me, as for a lot of people, a really good photographer. I couldn’t forget to quote him.

What would you love to photograph?

I would like to take more portraits, especially of strangers, but it’s not that easy!

Any upcoming projects?

I have some upcoming skateboarding shoots, and I hope that one would lead to a paper publication one day. But in a closest future, one of my project is to try another lomography camera with you :)

Thank you!

Thank you for letting me try this camera and for making me a LomoAmigo!

To learn more about Mathieu Aghababian and his work, follow him on Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook and Instagram.

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