Street art at Alicante


The first thing that got my attention when I arrived in Spain was the quantity and good quality of the graffiti. Fortunately I had my LC-A with me!

While studying in Spain, I lived in a city by the Mediterranean sea in the Valencia Community, Alicante (Alacant). Right in front of the house where I lived there was a cool graffiti. This was probably the first one I shoot there.

Then, right in front of the bar where my housemate worked there was this great graffiti of a girl holding a spray can and it was so nice I couldn’t stop staring at it…

Walking in the streets during siesta time, I found out that many shops and garages had also cool graffiti on their doors!

Everyday, on my way to the university by train, I spotted the fine graffiti on the walls near the railway and later managed to get near my favorite to shoot them… cats always get my attention.

And so on and so on, chasing graffiti after graffiti with my LC-A (and sometimes Supersampler), I started to know the ways of this unknown city at the time to me and ended up with a nice collection of Alicante’s street art! Enjoy, some of them were no longer there when I left and probably some other are gone too!

written by saidseni on 2010-05-28 #places #art #graffiti #street-art #lc-a #spain #location #supersampler #alicante

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  1. panelomo
    panelomo ·


  2. trampoline
    trampoline ·

    cats always get my attention too!!

  3. toyam
    toyam ·

    I used to live in Alicante some years ago, but I didn't remember so many graffitis! I remember one with the portrait of the poet Miguel Hernández in La Florida and also another one with the Guernica near La Plaza de Toros, it was against the war... Are they still there?

  4. therikster
    therikster ·

    It's so interesting to see graffiti art from different countries! Thanks for sharing this blog with me :)

  5. therikster
    therikster ·

    I meant "article" not blog. lol!

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