Candid and Ingenuous Scenes from the Harbor


There was a time a lot of people romanticized sailors, pirates, ships, boats, seas and nautical journeys; and it’s no surprise if you’ve heard of tall tales during your childhood. Have you tried revisiting the nearest dock in your place? There may be hidden photographic stories and gems just under your nose!

Here are some creative photographs taken from the harbor by Lomographers.

Parked at the port

Credits: gmushinsky, tomcapella, jborras, roundmidnight & rewd

People of the pier

Credits: robertofiuza, artlens, bojana, boredslacker, roundmidnight & isigikadrajla

Avian friends from the wharf

Credits: tomcapella, fleabley, taking, gnonc, jprswim & jbeischer

Facing sea-wards

Credits: needle76, carolinebailey, tormarie, merylsheep & why-yu

On the way home

Credits: sprofishgel, he-mo, gepo1303 & timolomo

2016-05-29 #culture #sea #harbor #pier #location #docks #lifestyle-photography

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