Marveling the World's Bests in Architecture


Itching to travel from one cultural landmark to another but got no money to spare? Here’s a small exhibit made out of the community’s photographs to quench the wanderlust in you — what makes it all better is, they’re all shot in film!

Castles and palaces

Credits: tattso, growmanfrenchy, cortomaltez, feelux, hodachrome & littlekoala

Towering icons

Credits: mafiosa, samlai23, davidb, deepfried_goodness, akio_nakai & fafaspeed80

Ancient prisms

Credits: flyaway, thejomi, supermegahomers & robin33

Places of worship

Credits: mudride, mayracostapires, davidb, alexander_krolikowski, jeng, wingism & satriaramadhan

Within the walls

Credits: bensozia, myahcat, bucketpostcards & joerosey

Venues of recreation

Credits: lokified, dogma, thetransportedman, sonofwalrus, lola_juanlu & undiscovered

2016-05-29 #culture #places #around-the-world #traveling #travel-photography #creative-photography

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