Looking Back at the Great LC-A+ Race

2016-06-21 6

In 2009, Lomographer mattcharnock had the awesome idea of starting a worldwide effort of shooting with the Lomo LC-A+. It was an idea that came up at the right time, because it was the year we were celebrating the Lomo LC-A+’s 25th birthday.

It was called The Great LC-A+ Race and it had 10 teams of 10 Lomographers each, grouped according to their locations.

10 teams, 100 Lomographers – all in a mission to shoot around the world. Sounds ambitious, right? But soon after we announced the call-out, we were overwhelmed with the number of e-mails from Lomographers who wanted to be part of the competition! The participants were chosen based on the first 100 Lomographers who sent in their requests to join. A package was sent to the first Lomographer in each team; it includes the Lomo LC-A+, a GPS device, a Lomo notebook, detailed instructions, and a list of the address to all other Lomographers in the team.

There were 10 stages in the competition, each with a special mission. Additionally, participants were encouraged to customize the travelling Lomo LC-A+ camera, and to document their Lomographic experiences in the Lomo Notebook.

Journals from Euro Team 1 and North America Team 1
Credits: northwardnimbus, spendospend

Of course, with a competition as big as this, all sorts of adventures and misadventures happened, stirring up the excitement even more. You can read all about the action here:

The Great Lomo LC-A+ Race posts (I)
The Great Lomo LC-A+ Race posts (II)
The Great LOMO LC-A+ Race Commentary by mattcharnock

Credits: stouf, cyanwater, anarchy, dirklancer

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  1. disdis
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    I was there!

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Was a great lomographic adventure!! Loved it! :))

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    Fun indeed!

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    Fun indeed!

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    that was amazing! when's the next episode?

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