The Photographic Novels of Katie Eleanor

Capturing a story through the lens is an easily mastered feat for the photographer. Anyone can tell a story, but not everyone can make up their own. English artist and illustrator Katie Eleanor writes her own stories of fantasy and color with her camera.

Photograph by Katie Eleanor

Unlike the most, Katie is firstly a storyteller among her other personas as illustrator and photographer. Highly influenced with the Pictorialist style, she weaves her own fictional world with an analogue camera. Her photographs as a collective is a work of unique imagination and gothic fantasy.

Photographs by Katie Eleanor

As a versatile creative, she is compelled to use her skills for marvelous efforts in artistry — opting the intricacy of film over the instant gratification and comfort of digital.

Moreover, Katie prefers to hand-color her images, as it gives her more control on the aesthetics of her photography.

Photographs by Katie Eleanor

Most of Katie’s photographs are literary visuals of her state of being. Her “Saint Wanderer’s Hospital” is a subconscious, instinctive effort to subtly free her skeletons. One of her characters, “Bluebird”, is her self-portrait.

Katie continues to formulate more elements for her future photographic tales.

Photographs by Katie Eleanor

Watch out for our exclusive interview with Katie Eleanor soon! In the meantime, watch Katie’s interview on photography as art therapy here or visit her website to read more of her visual fiction. Images used are with permission from Katie Eleanor.

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