International Artists Celebrate "Changes" in Group Photography Exhibit


A collective show at the Blank Wall Gallery will display the works of international photographers in Athens on May 8.

The exhibition “Changes” is set to provide photographic visuals about the changing world.

Image by Andrew Sohn, courtesy of Blank Wall Gallery.

“It is interesting to see how things change around us. People have never ceased being interested in seeing what has been altered as time goes by. There are changes in nature, in politics, even on us that signal that things are constantly moving and altering making our lives unpredictable. It is good to be able to detect these changes happening around as they always play a significant role in our future,” said the gallery in a press release.

Images by Erik Ritzel, Joan Brook, Benita VanWinkle, courtesy of Blank Wall Gallery.

“Changes” will feature the works of artists all over the world: Andrew Sohn, Benita VanWinkle, Bernice Williams, Bruce Berkow, Christine Miess, Erika Ritzel, Joan Brook, Judith Hornbogen, Lodiza LePore, Luke Smith, Mark Hannah, Mauro Filippi, Michael (Mickey) Rooney, Monica Ortega, Nikolas Karathanasis.

The show will be open until May 20.

Learn more about this exhibition through the Blank Wall Gallery’s website. Images used with permission from the gallery.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    @lomographymagazine Another great artist able to show the changing world is Teju Cole, with his book "Linea d'ombra". He worth an article!

  2. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    @lomographymagazine “Blind Spot” will be a solo exhibition (in Milan) and a book (published by Contrasto) in April 2016.

  3. sergiodv
    sergiodv ·

    I think there is another artist to show his work in "changes" show: Sergio Delle Vedove. :)

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