Show on Antony Cairns' Nocturnal Photo Assemblages to Launch in London

East End, London — A photographic exhibit on British photographer Antony Cairns’ new photo series will kick off at the Roman Road Gallery on May 6.

The exhibition “Antony Cairns: OSC — Osaka Station City” is the artist’s first solo show to feature his documentation of the Osaka night life, specifically on the newly renovated train station in the Japanese city.

Antony Cairns, OSC [Osaka Station City], 2016, Self-published book,18.7 × 8.3 cm, Limited edition of 85. Courtesy of Roman Road and the artist. © Antony Cairns

“Devoid of colour and abounding abstract renderings, his nocturnal photographs develop a different view of the city: an urban landscape in constant transformation,” the gallery said in a press release.

In this series, Cairns played with alternative printing techniques and printed them on vintage cards. This is to continue Cairns’ goal to make art out of recycled materials.

Antony Cairns, OSC55, 2015 (Printed 2016), Inkjet on 24 cream computer punched cards assembled and mounted on archival cardboard with archival glue, 49.7 × 74.7 cm, Unique, Courtesy of Roman Road and the artist. © Ollie Hammick

More from the gallery:

Continuing his idea of creating artworks using recycled materials from the early digital age, Cairns began reproducing his images on redundant computer punch cards for his new handmade book OSC [Osaka Station City] (self-published, 2016). For Cairns, these cards mirror his imagery of the city; each has a repetitive sequence of numbers on one side while his photographs often focus on the patterns and continual progression found in metropolitan areas."
The gallery will feature 25 of his photographs, printed on 7⅜ by 3¼-inch cards.

The exhibit will run through June 3.

Learn more about this exhibit from the Roman Road Gallery’s website. Images used with permission from the gallery.

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