LomoAmigo Stu Chapman of Indisposable Concept with the Konstruktor F

Analogue lover Stu Chapman from Australia is the founder of Indisposable Concept. With his project, he seeks to encourage people all around the world to pick up a disposable camera and share their dearest moments with the world.

What rocks his world as an ambassador of the analogue lifestyle? We asked him to show us with the build-it-yourself camera Konstruktor F. What he came back with are colorful scenes from his everyday life that we are sure will leave everyone on the other side of the globe longing for those mild summer nights.

When and how did you discover your passion for analogue photography?

I loved shooting with film as a kid and was influenced by my mother’s passion and enthusiasm for photography when I was growing up. My mum used to work in a pharmacy that developed film and would always shoot rolls when we went on family holidays resulting in lots of photo albums and good memories. I guess subconsciously that influenced me and ignited my interest in photography and film as a young kid, before the wave of digital came on the scene.

Being confronted with what’s “indisposable” to other people on a daily basis, how has your definition and perception of “indisposable” things changed over time?

I guess life is a precious thing in general and it’s important to acknowledge and be grateful for all the things in your life. I wanted to create Indisposable Concept to allow people the opportunity to take note of the life they have, the world they live in. Be conscious, be aware of all the good and bad things around them on a daily basis.

You actively encourage other people to shoot film. What role does photography play in your personal life?

It’s an everyday love affair. It’s hard not to carry a disposable camera around with me everywhere I go as that perfect moment might be out there waiting to be captured. I have an addiction to film, its rawness and authenticity to bringing the moment to life. I rarely shoot digitally these days. Just doesn’t feel right, doesn’t feel real.

What was it like assembling the Konstruktor?

I’m not the most patient guy so forcing myself to sit still and construct a film camera seemed daunting initially. With some help and guidance from my very patient and understanding girlfriend Brooke, the camera came together beautifully without too many hiccups. It was actually really rewarding and interesting putting the pieces together and it allowed me to learn some important processes along the way about how it all goes together and how the various elements work. Really cool and satisfying.

Tell us about your experience shooting with the Konstruktor F.

Shooting with the Konstruktor was kind of tricky initially and different from what I’m used to with disposables and other film SLR cameras. You can treat disposable cameras without much respect, throw them in a bag without too much consideration if something’s going to break or snap off. Also, the aspect of being able to pick up the camera quickly to point and shoot the moment gets a bit lost with the Konstruktor.

Not being able to look through the typical viewfinder took a bit of getting used to, especially with the way I shoot. After a while I got used to it and the reverse mirror and actually enjoyed the experience. More time needs to be allocated to line up the shot with the Konstruktor and the mirror aspect forces you to have to think a bit more about lining up the horizon line and general perspective and composition of the elements in the frame. I did enjoy the process though and I appreciate the opportunity to shoot with something new that I hadn’t shot with before. I’m very grateful for the experience.

Where did you take the camera? What do we see on your photos?

Got a couple of shots I like. Really love how the Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 film looks. So rad! I recently moved down to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, and work a lot near the ocean so I tried to capture a bit of that aspect of life and my new home. The landscape is so beautiful here, we’re extremely lucky. I try to capture that a lot with my photography.

What was your favorite thing about the camera?

I guess my favourite thing about the camera is the fact that it taught me so many little things I previously didn’t know. The process of building it allowed me to get inside the camera to see how it functions. The fact that it actually worked when I had finished building it was a bit of a buzz. Nice sense of achievement. I also enjoyed experimenting with the rolls — double, triple exposures, …

To find out more about Indisposable Concept, visit the project’s website or Instagram profile.

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