The Young Adults in Nature as Seen by Francis Flower

Nowadays it is unusual to spot the millennial adolescent basking in the aqua and terra of Mother Earth. Italian photographer Francis Flower veers away from the landscape of urban youth as he focuses his camera on young adults taking leisure on terrains and bodies of water.

Photo by Francis Flower

Born and bred in the Alpine mountains of Rovereto in Italy, Frances Frizzera, known online as Francis Flower, shoots according to the sensations he feels within natural scenery. His rural home brought him to enjoy natural environment, influencing his work as a lifestyle photographer.

Photos by Francis Flower

Flower’s photography is a hybrid of portraiture and landscape—excerpts and snippets of adolescence spent in the great outdoors.

Photos by Francis Flower

Images of becoming one with the earth, feeling the coolness of the wind, watching the movements of the sky, looking at the great distance, bathing in both water and sunlight and merely having fun in the natural world—they are just fragments of what Francis deems important as a man behind the lens.

Photos by Francis Flower

Watch out for Lomography’s interview with Francis Flower soon. In the meantime, visit his Tumblr or like his Facebook page to get updates. All images used with permission from Francis Flower.

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