Chronicled Pinhole Photographs from History

While history records claim pinhole photography was popular during the late 19th century, very few pinhole photographs were archived. Even the works Sir David Brewster, the first known to use the pinhole camera, cannot be glimpsed. But nothing’s impossible with the Internet, especially for this year’s World Pinhole Photography Day. Here’s a modest collection of vintage pinhole photographs gathered from the different corners of the web.

Old America as seen from the pinhole

A bit of old Knarfsboro; Just in from the garden; In Chilmark, G.W. Harting; Father’s Watch from The American Annual of Photography retrieved from Wikimedia Commons

Early street photography

An unidentified street, 1891; A street in Ontario, Canada 1908; Infrastructure taken by Thomas Smillie, 1890 from Wikimedia Commons

Inside the camera obscura of George Davidson

The Long Arm, 1907; Harlech Castle, 1909; Berkshire Teams and Teamsters, 1907; The Onion Field, 1890; In a Village under the South Downs, 1907 by Georde Davidson from Wikimedia Commons

Pictorialist portraits

Knaffl & Brakebill; portrait, L.D. Sweet; portrait, Rae Davis from The American Annual of Photography retrieved from Flickr Commons

All images used are under public domain.

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