Taking Back Tipsters: Essential Pinhole Photography Hacks


This World Pinhole Photography Day is your chance to shift from the usual 35mm pinhole cameras to the unconventional medium format, stereoscopic or instant do-it-yourself’ pinhole cameras. You can even turn the LomoKino into a pinhole video camera. Challenge yourself and take a pick from this list of Tipsters.

Quick reminders

Are you the kind of photographer who’s always on the go? Read community member jeanmendoza tips and reminders on pinhole photography with her write-up Quick Tips for Using a Pinhole Camera.

Credits: juxtimon, mephisto19 & krusty1980

Pinhole camera for 120 films

Level up your pinhole photography experience by creating a no-lens medium format camera with some help from Lomographer pvalyk. Construct your own anamorphic gear as seen in the article How to Build Your Own Medium-Format Pinhole Camera.

Credits: pvalyk

Pinhole filmmaking and videography

Here’s something for the intermediate pinhole photographers and the brave DIY-ers. Find the step-by-step guide in the tutorial How to Shoot Pinhole Movies with the LomoKino. Don’t forget to tinker with caution!

Photos by mandi

Stereoscopic pinhole camera

Emerge from the usual pinhole style to three-dimensional with this Tipster from lostlittlekid. The how-to guide is found in 3D Pinhole Fun! - Making the Stereoscopic Film Box Pinhole Camera.

Photos by lostlittlekid

DIY instant pinhole cameras

Community member sidsel has a hack for instant film lovers. All you’ll need is an Instant Back, the usual pinhole camera materials, and instant film for this little invention. Pattern your instant pinhole camera from the DIY lesson Playing with Pinholes: Make Your Own Instant Pinhole! and you’ll be shooting in no time.

Photos by sidsel

Motion blur: faked apparitions

Bookmark this tutorial for this year’s Halloween! Community member cruzron wrote about how to make ghostly figures in photographs with the pinhole camera and slow film. The tutorial Spooky Halloween Pinhole Tipster has everything you need to know for this trick.

Photos by tattso

For the pinhole shutterbug

Of course, this list would be incomplete without a basic tutorial on pinhole photography. Whether you’re new to pinhole photography or you need a refresher, community member plasticpopsicle article is here to save you. Turn to her short lesson in Pinhole Photography Basics in Five Minutes.

Photo from the article

Do you have any other pinhole tricks up your sleeve? Tell us with a comment and share it with the Lomography community!

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