Adam Powell on His Trip to Iceland with the Lomo'Instant Wide


Adam Powell took the Lomo’Instant Wide on a recent trip to Iceland and managed to capture some stunning landscapes. He tells us about the experience.

On his recent photographic projects: 2015 was a year of strange photographic projects for me. Along with a small group of friends we’ve been visiting and exploring London's tunnels and other hidden spaces and engrossing ourselves in the local urban environment. But this year I’ve been wanting to push out a bit and explore other places.

On traveling: This year I set myself the challenge of going on at least one overseas trip a month, with the idea of ticking off as many new countries as I could. The original premise was fairly simple. By my 30th birthday in the summer I’d like to have visited at least 30 different countries in my life. Counting them up I’d managed to tally up 27 by the start of 2016, leaving me 8 months to visit 3. Feeling pretty confident that it’d be a straight forward endeavour I began the year revisiting old cities with old friends. Paris, Berlin and Barcelona kicked the year off, before I went on a purchasing binge and booked up a host of other trips for the months ahead. I was most excited about April’s jolly, Iceland. I’d seen so many photos and heard so many fascinating stories about the place that I couldn’t wait to get there and practice landscape photography for the first time in years.

On shooting with the Lomo’Instant Wide: I packed my trusty Nikon F100 and took along a Lomo'Instant Wide to put it through its paces. I knew the lighting situation would be a problem so I picked up a 49-52mm step-up ring to allow me to use a Cokin P filter set with the camera. Using a range of Neutral Density grad filters, I darkened the sky to bring it down to a similar exposure range as the rest of the image. I find the dynamic range of the Instax film to be a bit grim, so this helped prevent the sky from overexposing and blowing out completely some of the time.

On Iceland: It was a completely mind-blowing experience. Truly the most epic landscapes I have ever seen, and I cannot wait to go back there to see what else the island has to offer.

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  1. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·

    great job Adam ;)

  2. natchan
    natchan ·

    These are magnificent! Well done!!!

  3. isiisii
    isiisii ·

    Soooo so noice!
    Go back and take more :3

  4. hannah_brown
    hannah_brown ·


  5. pan_dre
    pan_dre ·

    Amazing photos Adam!

  6. ktechritz
    ktechritz ·


  7. spandexoc
    spandexoc ·

    Nice work, I went to Iceland a month or so ago and was gobsmacked by its breath taking beauty, which you have captured well. Recognise so many of your photos, Goldfish, Jokarlsson etc. Can't describe to people how amazing it is. One of my photos managed to make photo of the day as well!

  8. carblkm5
    carblkm5 ·

    Fantastic shots!!!

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