Happy Earth Day: Unplugged in NYC with Pass the Pistil

“Gardening,” Emily Murphy of Pass the Pistil told an excited group of gardeners-to-be at the beginning of her workshop last week, “is a lot like photography. It requires careful planning and thought about what you want to achieve, and you have to wait a little bit before you see if you had the proper setup to get the result you wanted. It also requires knowledge of light, materials, and processes.”

And it’s true. To make a photograph, you have to have some knowledge of the light, the settings, and your equipment. To grow a garden, there is similar premeditated planning. It’s a different kind of analogue, but it evokes the same feelings—the satisfaction of having made something connected with reality using your hands.

We were very happy to have Emily talk about several urban gardening techniques at the Lomography Gallery Store in a class she called “Grow What You Love.” And even more happy to have a whole bunch of beautiful plants to enjoy and care for around the office. In post-celebration of Earth Day, please enjoy techniques from the workshop in the videos below.

How to make a paper pot for planting:

How to plant succulents in film canisters:

Stay tuned for a full article on our new LomoAmigo. (She has been shooting with the Lomo'Instant Wide!!) You can see more of Emily’s techniques on her blog Pass the Pistil. You can also follow her on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram.

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