8 Extraordinary Films for the 'Insta-Retro' Look


Have you ever wondered what would reality look like if they were captured in vintage aesthetic – like the ones in your photo albums or old family portraits? There's a nostalgic quality to photos with vivid-to-pale gradients, specks of dust, intense grains, and natural discolorations. You might also have seen those antique hand-painted photographs or landscape shots used with infrared film. If you want to channel antique aesthetics from alternative photography, here are some film formulas you might want to try out for that instant vintage look.

Redscale XR

The Lomography Redscale XR is a 35 mm film that gives instant results of warm and vivid reds, oranges and yellows. Blues are subdued into blue-green tones, giving you the trademark redscale film look. Think of the film Amelie and its rosy color grading. This film is perfect for a romantic look.

Credits: rqlevy, robertofiuza, lomographygalleries & kelvin_wx

Revolog Kolor

If you're into neon landscape photography, the Revolog Kolor is the perfect film for you. This film offers numerous colored gradients and the results are more obvious when the negative is slightly underexposed.

Credits: xbalboax, kimmiechem2, suizidekid, tb & harrietgreen

Revolog Tesla I

Special effects are possible in analogue! Just use Revolog Tesla I film to have white-to-blue-or-purple electric currents on your images or for a signature vintage sci-fi look.

Credits: trw, maria_vlachou, suboceana & beautalism

Revolog Volvox

Shooting with the Revolog Volvox film will give you spontaneous sharp or soft electric green dots. Whether you are trying to achieve an expired/tampered film look or simply using this for special effects, this film will fit the requirement.

Credits: togotogo, orangebarn13, xbalboax, tb & candeeland

Kono! Donau

Find your right shade of tungsten with Kono! Donau film. This film immediately turns your photographs vintage. It's good for both day and night photography, as well as light painting. Since the film is rather dark, photographs taken with this film will have a rather serious and solemn aura.

Photos from the Lomography Shop and @reka_s

Peacock 200 X-Pro

The Lomography Peacock 200 X-Pro is a slide film ideal for a subtle and muted cross-processed look. Because both cool and warm hues are unified into this single film, images look best when taken under natural light.

Credits: sharpwaveripple, _smg_, tracyvmoore & npkishi

LomoChrome Turquoise XR

The Lomochrome Turquoise XR is the 35 mm film to use if you like the illusion of the golden hour. The colors range from sea blue to minty or emerald greens, to orange and golden tones. This film is perfect for emphasizing the subject and details with eccentric colorization.

Credits: maria_vlachou, akio_nakai, meaghanrevans & lithium-pears

LomoChrome Purple

The LomoChrome Purple is the revival of the beloved Kodak Aerochrome film. Known for rich and royal purples, violets and sometimes with pinks and reds. This film has a cult following among enthusiasts of psychedelic and otherworldly photography and will be having an improved formula for its 2019 release.

Credits: m_e, pearlgirl77, sertacy, bloomchen, livinginthematerialworld & akula

Got an eccentric film not listed here? Leave a comment and share with us your favorite vintage-looking film!

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  1. minchi
    minchi ·

    Also Adox Color Implosion

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    kono donau remind me of very cheap & expired konica vx & centuria back in 2012/2013 buy lot of it but always dissatisfied me because made lot of my important moment captured very under

  3. celesteoch
    celesteoch ·

    I want to try the lomochrome purple so much!!

  4. chrisbert
    chrisbert ·

    When will you reproduce the turqiuse again :) ??

  5. crismiranda
    crismiranda ·

    Ferrania Solaris

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