Film Photography Day 2016 Line-Up Of Events!

It’s time to load up your film cameras and stretch your analogue muscles! All over the world, Lomography Gallery Stores and Embassy Stores will be hosting fantastic activities in honor of Film Photography Day. Here is the complete line-up of events happening worldwide.

Lomography Gallery Store Events

Hong Kong

There’s too much analogue goodness this year to contain in one day so this year’s celebration of film will be split into two rounds. On the first day, come by our store for endless experimentation with instant cameras; from bizarre bokeh shapes to creating glowing art using a variety of light painting tools. We will top that off with tons of lust-worthy giveaways in a lucky draw and delicious food and cocktails! For round two, join our very special guest host for a LomoWalk and fun film swap; the participant with the wackiest shots bags up a La Sardina.

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We’re teaming up with our friends at Blurb to create a fantastic Lomography magazine, and we want your help! We’re going to meet up at the store, learn how to create a photobook and then load up an LC-A+ camera before taking a walk around some of London’s famous sights. Plus, we’ll also teach you some Lomo'Instant Wide techniques!

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New York

Join us on a beautiful trip to DUMBO in Brooklyn for a day of plentiful shooting, talking, eating, and fun! We will also have incredible deals and sample sales available throughout the day and week so make sure to stop by and see what we have in store for you. You can expect to get some tips on shooting with different films formats, outfoxing tricky situations, and getting the best out of your camera. All attendees will be gifted 3 packs of film! Want to try a Petzval Lens? Bring your Canon/Nikon camera and take our Petzval out for the whole day of shooting!

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Lomography x Expolaroid

The year, we are very happy to join forces with Expolaraid and have got some bangin’ events in store for you! Created in Nantes (France) by a group of passionate photographers in 2013, Expolaroid is a national and international festival which, each year in April, devotes itself to put instant photography and its usages in the spotlight. Starting the 5th of April, we will be celebrating this rich medium by displaying some of the best instant photography from local Amigos and community members. Interested in testing out our instant cameras? Then come by our store on the 2nd and/or 16th of April and experiment with multiple exposures, light painting, splicing and dicing, and much more! We will round things off with a very special celebration of music, beer, instants, and of course lots of love.

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More Lomography Events Around The World


We are celebrating Film & Photography Day with a (hopefully) sunny LomoWalk in Amsterdam on Wednesday April 13th. Bring your own camera or borrow a La Sardina or Diana F+ camera from us! During this fun get-together with various film photographers, you have the chance to meet other local Lomographers and discover new perspectives. We’ll be strolling around the cute little streets of the ‘Jordaan’, one of the most popular areas of Amsterdam. Get amazed by the architecture and shoot great pictures!

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Join us on April 16th at La Percha for the annual celebration of all things analogue. This year’s line-up includes a Lomo’Instant workshop, a rockin’ raffle, special discounts, and loads of games, music, and yummy cocktails. You can also get a window into school life in Bogota by browsing through our small gallery of photos taken by local students. So log off and come by this cozy boutique store to meet and share ideas with other members of the Lomography community.

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We will have a meet up at the Lomography Embassy Store, where we’ll talk about Lomography and analogue photography in general. Then, we will start taking pictures around the neighborhood until we finish our film rolls; after which, all the participants will randomly pick a used roll to shoot over for the second part of our photowalk. There will be a community exhibit as well as a happy hour!

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Join us on a Film Workshop, a LomoWalk around the Palacio de Cristal Garden, and a super fun LomoMatrix! There will be a fee of € 20 for participants. A free t-shirt, as well as 10% discount on Diana F+, Diana Mini, and La Sardina Cameras will also be offered to participants.

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We’ll start the festivities with an Analogue Flea Market, where you can buy second hand cameras and film. Next up, there will be a scavenger hunt, a collodion wet plate photo booth, some workshops for beginners as well as Lomo'Instant Wide users, and of course – a party to top it all!

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We have officially launched the new Daguerreotype Achromat lens – a revival of optical design from 1839 by Daguerre and Chevalier, and we know you can’t wait to get your hands on this beauty! Good news is, we managed to secure one of the very first prototypes of the newly launched lens for you to try out. Join us in Lomography Embassy Shop Vienna for a hands-on session with this highly versatile tool for modern day cameras and see the beautiful effects first hand – from crisp sharpness to silky soft focus, and multiple bokeh effects. We will also have all Lomography Art Lenses (Minitar-1, Russar+, Jupiter 3+, and Petzval 58 and Petzval 85) available to try out for those of you have still not caught on!

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Around The World in 80 Snaps Rumble

Credits: ewen & polt

For Film Photography Day 2016, we’re turning the community into everyone’s virtual tour guide. Introduce your fellow lomographers to your beloved city through a roll of film!

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It’s a Big Deal: FPD 2016 Exclusive Discounts

Here’s another reason to celebrate: all week long, selected Lomography cameras, films, and accessories will be on sale!

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Grab a few friends, a camera, and a couple rolls of film and head off to your favorite hangout spot. Take turns to shoot around the area and find out how differently each of you sees the same thing!

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