Anima Behind the Lens: The Images of Brittani Sensabaugh

Balancing bitter truths and saccharine hopes in the human condition and then translating that wordless understanding with photographic imagery is Brittani Sensabaugh’s gift as an artist who digs deep within.

Image from Brittani Sensabaugh

California-born Brittani eats, drinks, sleeps and lives to the good vibrations of the earth. Sunny yet gritty East Oakland taught her to look within the heart and see compassion and beauty in everything.

Images from Brittani Sensabaugh

Her first love, writing, is the legacy of her mother and it allowed her to explore art with words. But her older brother Michael had something else in mind. He lent her a camera to give her thoughts and ideas visual imagery.

It wasn’t until after her brother died that Brittani held on to the camera, with photography as her comfort and refuge. From that day onward, she saw beauty through the lens, and that refuge became home.

Images from Brittani Sensabaugh

Photography turned Brittani into a documentarian, always seeking stories within stories, and looking for every side of each. Noticing that some people of color continue to struggle with injustices, Brittani became more determined to give voice and solace to the colored people experiencing hardship in the America through her on-going series “222 Forgotten Cities”.

Images from Brittani Sensabaugh

Watch out for our full interview with photographer Brittani Sensabaugh. For now, visit her website for more of her documentary work or her Instagram for the latest updates. All images used with permission from Brittani Sensabaugh.

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