Helsinki’s Central Railway Station

The main hub for Helsinki inhabitants and visitors in the city is the central railway station. Its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and the bustling atmosphere of people changing directions and ways represent the character of this huge building.

The central railway station is practically the first what a Helsinki visitor sees – even when he arrives by plane. The airport bus also has its final stop here. The big building was designed by Eliel Saarinen in 1914 and it represents very well the late Finnish Art Nouveau. The outside and the interior (especially the entrance hall and the “Eliel” restaurant) show very many elements of this style, such as ornaments on the inner facade.

To me, the four big statues at the south entrance are the most appealing part of the railway station. The Finnish railway company also uses them as mascots. You will often see advertisement posters displaying these rocky guys in a funny or ironic way. In wintertime, the crazy Finns robe the statues with warm hats so that they don’t get cold. Then, there is also an ice skating platform on the square next to the station.

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