New York Through the Ages: An Evolution in Photos


Oh New York, New York.

Many works of art, literature and music have been dedicated to the city that never sleeps. One may think it’s all just romanticism, but the city does deserve its many names. New York keeps changing and evolving over the years, but it remains a city of hope and progress whether in the face of loss or triumph. It’s why people all over the world fly across the Atlantic, testing their identities and limits — if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

Take a walk and revisit each decade with this gallery.

1890s: New York on its way to ‘progressivism’

5th Avenue and Astor Mansion, Wall Street, New York slums, Easter parade at 5th Avenue from Wikimedia Commons

1900s: The richest and most populous state

Aerial view of Manhattan with West 40’s and East Avenue, 23rd St., excavation for NY Central Station, Manhattan Opera, New York Stock Exchange and Greenwich Village from Wikimedia Commons

1910s: A continuous development

Photos of 5th Avenue, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and the Metropolitan Museum from Wikimedia Commons

1920s: The American dream factory

East Houston St., Pomander Walk, West Street and Pennsylvania Station from Wikimedia Commons

1930s: Surviving the Great Depression

Aerial view of New York City, the Hudson River, breadlines during the Great Depression from Wikimedia Commons

1940s: A victory to be celebrated

Men selling war bonds, Times Square, V-J Day celebration from Wikimedia Commons

1950s: A decade of restoration

New York in smog, Gowanus north end, Radio City Music Hall, Fifth avenue looking north by Paul Falardeau, New York Central Pier by Sal Piro from Wikimedia Commons and Flickr Commons

1960s: Culture in flux

New York skyline by Harold Egeberg from Alex Dawson, ticket tape parade for presidential candidate Richard Nixon, Apollo 11 ticker tape parade, photos of aerial view of Madison Square Garden and Brooklyn Bridge by John Atherton from Wikimedia and Flickr Commons

1970s: Another 10 years of economic descent

Passengers in line for the subway, Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree and street photograph by Phillip Capper, downtown Manhattan, photographs of Manhattan by Derzsi Elekes Andor from Wikimedia Commons and Flickr Commons

1980s: Big Apple back on its feet

Fifth Avenue and Saint Thomas Church, New York City by George Garrigues, Lexington Avenue by Rainer Halama, graffiti by Tylicki, World Trade Center observation deck and Times Square by TedQuackenbush, Manhattan by Bill Morrow from Flickr Commons and Wikimedia Commons

1990s: Steadfast urban development

Lower Manhattan skyline by Lars Plougmann, World Trade Center by Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz, Chinatown by Infrogmation, Coney Island, Manhattan, aerial view of New York and streets by Tom Harpel

2000s: An ode to The World Trade Center Twin Towers

Photographs of 9/11, missing people by Keith Tyler, Times Square at night by Rafi B, night view of New York by Kenny Louie

2010s: Still the center of the world

Brooklyn Bridge in sepia by Cambrown123, Graffiti at Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn by Андрей Романенко, New York at the Rockefeller Center by Ze Carlos Barretta, World Trade Center Tribute of Light by Glyn Lowe, Black Friday at the Apple Store by JoeInQueens, aerial view of New York in 2010 by Javier Losa, street in New York by dronepicr from Wikimedia Commons and Flickr Commons

All images were rightfully used under the Creative Commons license and public domain, retrieved from Wikimedia and Flickr Commons.

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