Even More Fun with Holga Filter Set


Okay, so yep, I’m a filter set freak. Since like 6 months ago I’ve started to make all kinds of foolish things with the prisms which are an asset part in the set to me :) So take them in hands and walk with me and you’ll see some preliminary ideas to take them even further.

Let’s start from something obvious: shoot multiple exposure – one with the frame, the other without:

(Shoot with the regular Holga CN and Diana Flash)

Then, the same filters work pretty well with the smaller Holga 135 BC:

The third is pretty simple: take one of the prisms from the set and hold it in front of the camera. NO! Not the standard way like explained here, but uhm… shoot through its side! You’ll get geometric trapezoid forms and interesting reflections gently coming through them :) Experiment with the other prisms to get even more interesting results :)

(shoot with LC-A+)

Fourth: combine the filters to get even less predictable results (strange geometry, chromatic aberrations may apply):

(shoot with LC-A+)

Fifth but not least: the filter set as I’ve figured out so far is good for any photography. Even friends from the digital side purchased a copy of their own and making fun with it on facebook ;) They also figured out that a shooting only through a filter holder will result in nice (analogue) vignetting. Okay, this is not my tip, let’s proceed to Horizon Perfect camera. Who cares that the lens is rotating? Who cares that the frame is wide? the results are still cool enough to try in more and more contexts :)

I am sure there are much more things I still plan to try (like combining the filters with Colorsplash or with some kinds of peripheral light sources etc. – so take a pair of those and make some tips of your own :)

written by breakphreak on 2010-08-08 #gear #tutorials #filters #tipster #psychodelic #accessory #horizon #holga #lc-a #holga-filter-set #effects


  1. moniwi
    moniwi ·

    Never had I thought to do the multiple exposure experiment. Such a great idea. My filters have been sitting for almost 2 years. I need to use them!

  2. wgoff62
    wgoff62 ·

    The set also fits nicely on a Canon AE-1

  3. hidings
    hidings ·

    Great results!

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