Lomography Redscale x Fisheye

It was my first roll of Lomography RedScale and I used it with my Fisheye 1 camera.

My first roll of Lomography RedScale with Fisheye 1 was a disaster. Only a third of the photos are printed in the end. As you see most of the photos are pretty red, unlike the ones taken by other lomographers. Theirs are rather yellow in tone. Perhaps it’s because it is only of ISO 100. Hence, it requires a really sunny day for photos to be taken. Moreover, the aperture is fixed in Fisheye 1. Hence, there’s always not enough light entering the camera, resulting in a dim, and pretty red image. Even though, pictures are taken on a sunny day, it still seems very red, but not yellow. Does anyone have any idea of the cause?

This is my review for this film. I think that this film does not goes well with the Fisheye . I really look forward to some advice about this issue. Is there any tips for using Lomography RedScale 100 with Fisheye 1? Please kindly leave a comment!

written by phoenix1206 on 2010-06-21 #gear #review #redscale #lomography #pale #fisheye #try-out #under-exposure

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