Fisheye's Big Chill Adventure


Near the Malvern Hills, the Big Chill is exactly that. A chilled festival atmosphere for all to come and enjoy and take some truly awesome festival shots in a really beautiful environment.

You instantly notice that you are surrounded by hills and copious amounts of woodland which is unlike any other festival I’ve been to. Cut off from the rest of the world in a little natural bubble. If you’re lucky enough to camp on the hill, you can walk down to the other side, which feels as steep as it looks to the main area.

There you will find so many little areas that lure you in, like massage, yoga & pilates tents, numerous books and record tents and right at the far end of the field and up another steep hill you’ll come across and arts & craft area.

Last year one group of people were getting people to dress up and take passport photos. Others were painting or making sculptures or other crafty things.

The most appealing part of the festival for me was Mr. Scruff tent, which was filled to the brim with tea, cakes, music from all genre Dj’s from the man himself and his friends and the most chilled mood in the area.
The festival provides a whole host of entertainment from all art forms; Music, comedy, poetry and literature in the most idyllic of settings to capture some really beautiful shots.

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  1. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    cool fest!

  2. matt0791
    matt0791 ·

    Mr Scruff and the Chill are amazing!

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