Iceland – Spirit reborn

Ever changing geographies on the land of ice and fire. An experience of true relaxation.

Iceland – a mysterical name of the land of ice and fire. An island locating at the mid-Atlantic ridge, it is full of unique, ever changing geographies. Fearless of the volcano eruption, I have had a lecture on ecosystem and an experience of true relaxation!

On the ground, there is the black, smooth, wavy lava-land. Like looking at a frozen picture of lava swallowing up the land during prior volcano eruptions. Stepped on it, it is surprisingly still soft and elastic. Winter passed, it is covered with brownish and reddish grass. Spring comes, a fluffy green layer of turf is blooming, a spongy grassland. Up on the mountain, there is Vatnajökull, Europe’s biggest icecap. The Eyjafjallajokull volcano is smoking. Path of the melting ice is clearly seen on mountaintops, like chocolate cake covered with vanilla ice-cream. Down there is the lake of floating ice Jokulsarlon. What a harmonious conflict of ecosystem reborn!

There are numerous geothermal natural hot springs in Iceland, Blue Lagoon and Myvatn are the famous ones. Relaxing in the hot bath, Iceland is no longer icy. You can’t even feel the freezing air blowing above your shoulders. With the wonderful scenery of snow mountains in front of you, and the miraculous ecosystem conflict in mind, what a true in-depth spirit revived and refreshed!

written by sukyimui on 2010-06-08 #places #nature #snow #relax #pure #volcano #ice #location #lava #iceland

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