Urban Mirages: The World of the Dolls by Judy Mauer

Photographer Judy Mauer creates a familiar yet surreal wonderland for the dolls and mannequins behind store windows.

Archival Dolls by Judy Mauer

Mauer grew up in New York, surrounded by towering structures, busy streets and fashion boutiques. She assembled all these elements in “New York Dolls,” a visual love letter to the city. Here, she created a familiar yet strange world, perhaps a world where dolls live. After New York, Judy went to other cities and created alternative universes in the project “International Dolls.”

An Archival Doll and a doll from Rome by Judy Mauer

Mauer’s multi-dimensional photographs are not just about the mannequin wonderland, nor are they mere portraits of the inanimate figures. Each photo has at least more than two images clashing with one another, creating an illusion of motion, distortion and space.

Archival Dolls by Judy Mauer

Mauer rejects post-processes, double or multiple exposures, and manipulation in her camerawork. Angling, perspective, lighting, weather and reflections serve as her creative comrades instead.

Stay tuned for Lomography’s interview with Judy Mauer. All images are used with permission from the artist.

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