Lomography Magazine Times: June Analogue Showers

Welcome to the Lomography Magazine Times, where we present the highlights from our online Magazine. Don’t be left in the dark! Get the low down on all the Lomographic community happenings for the month of June!

Welcome to the Lomography Magazine Times!

Welcome to the Lomography Magazine Times, where we present the highlights from our online Magazine. Don’t be left in the dark! Get the low down on all the Lomographic community happenings!

Analogue Top Stories

Massive Discounts on Lomography 35mm Film!

Been on a tight budget on films? We’ve come to the rescue! The future is definitely analogue…and now more affordable! Check out our reduced rates on our 35mm Lomography film packages and click to your hearts’ content!

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Guess the Mystery Product #5!

Just a couple more days and we’re launching our biggest-kept secret product yet! This one’s definitely a head-turner, so you’ve got a few nights to patch up our clues and find out for yourself before everyone does!

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Lomography Checkpoint 5 Journey to the End of the Night: Vienna 2010

The brave Journey Vienna people laughed in the face of near hurricane-like conditions to race through the city. Lomography was checkpoint 5 on this unique race and had an amazing time with all who passed by!

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Diana F+ Long Exposure Gallery

Your Diana+ loves the light and even if it’s dark out, you can still feed it its favourite dish by using the bulb setting and letting in long exposures! Check out the Long Exposure gallery from some diehard community Diana fanatics!

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Interview a Photographer Series!

We’ve received a ton of great interviews for our ‘Interview a Photographer’ series, but we’d like you to think more outside of the box! Know a photographer outside the community that might interest the analogue crowd? Let us know!

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Lomography Gallery Store News

Lomography Gallery Store Opens in Taipei!

Grab some opening insights and join the party as we launch the latest gallery store – Taipei! Be serenaded by violinists and a traditional visit from the eastern God of fortune as we welcome the analogue lifestyle in Taipei!

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Lomography at Hermitage Museum, Russia

Check out Lomography Embassy Russia’s unveiling of a 15m long LomoWall in Restoration and Storage Centre of the well-known State Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg.

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Community Newcomer Spotlight: les_parisiens

A collective of five Parisian Lomographers – meet our latest community newcomer account sure to bring fire to your analogue photo browsing! Got a friend who might be interested in Lomography? This is a definite keeper!

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Spotlight Location: Sheerness to Minster, a Beach in the Thames Estuary

Check out this stunning stretch of beach where our contributor kylewis grew up with. Busting with an intense beach and gorgeous shorelines, it’s a wild trip to the beach unlike any other! Try to stop by and bask in the glory of London clay on its cliffs!

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Spotlight Film Review: Tasma TsO-25 (35mm, 25iso)

Many people love expired film not only because of its low price, but also because of the unpredictable colour and effects it yields. Check out this roll that’s been expired for 20 years, as reported by ne_fryakai

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Review: Holga 120 CFN: Confessions of a Lomography Newbie

Check out analogue photography neophyte nazmi_nizal and his first review – the Holga 120 CFN! Like everyone else who didn’t know what to do in the beginning, it’s the perfect starter camera and the rest is history!

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Rumblin’ With our Rumble Winners

June is showering with tons of winner announcements and stunning award-winning photos! Check out our winners: Four Seasons of Sea | Portugal Wall | Lost in the Supermarket

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Community Latest Contributions

Ron Lau’s I Don’t Have a Cat 7

Miss the soft but mighty purring cat sounds? Don’t worry my friend, as our feline friends are back after some well-deserved beauty rest. We present to you the latest batch of Ron Lau’s fantastically cute “I Don’t Have a Cat” series!

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Tales of a Fifth Grade Pinhole Camera

Fifth grade science fair will never be the same. See what happened when ipdegirl's daughter decided to forgo the usual experiments and instead made a Pinhole camera. Like mother, like daughter?

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