Planets: The Photographic Sculptures of Isidro Blasco


A work of art is said to be the manifestation of how the artist sees an object. Isidro Blasco’s artistic representation of cities as planets brings the viewer to a whole new level of craftsmanship.

Portrait of Isidro Blasco

It is the instinct of the artist to wander and wonder — either with his mind or feet. Isidro does with both.

Isidro was born in Madrid and was raised by parents who were artists themselves. He was often surrounded by paintings, sculpture and ceramics. This convinced him that art was his calling and even helped in the family’s pottery business during his salad days. He eventually earned a Fine Arts degree and Architecture PhD – this same versatility made possible the photographic sculpture project called “Planets.”

New York: day and night by Isidro Blasco

Isidro decided to rebuild the cities he has visited into photo sculptures. He used photos from his travels and built planets with 3D architectural details.

Planet Madrid by Isidro Blasco

The creative experiment evokes Isidro’s thoughts on physical space, distance, and the individual as the center of everything. It is also to imitate the feeling of a traveler setting foot on a new place, where he would first feel unsettled, disoriented and overwhelmed by the beauty of the place.

Planets Alicante, Helsinki and Sao Paolo by Isidro Blasco

The project is also a means for him and the viewers to appreciate the world. It’s an upside-down version of how a person looks up to the sky and towering buildings around him. The viewer is meant to look down to get a new perspective of the city and realize that he is gifted with beauty—it’s all around him.

Aerial views of New York, by Isidro Blasco

Keep an eye out for our interview with artist Isidro Blasco. In the meantime, take a trip to his sculptured planets or his website for the latest updates. All images used were under the permission of Isidro Blasco.

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