Emanuele Ferrari: Backstage with the Lomo'Instant in Ibiza


Esteemed fashion photographer and long-time analogue aficionado Emanuele Ferrari spent four days in Ibiza to shoot his latest project. This time he chose to work with Marta and Karina, two models from Catalonia and Russia whom he calls the “Ying and Yang of the catwalk.” Take a peek behind the scenes of a frantic fashion shoot documented with the Lomo’Instant.

On shooting with the Lomo’Instant: “Cameras, lenses and clothes everywhere; I feel at home in an ‘ordered’ mess! The backstage photographs are strictly made with my Lomo’Instant, adding a vintage taste to these stolen moments.”

On his trip to Ibiza: “Shots, shots, shots! There are those moments of fatigue and people are crashing on the couch but then they are smiling during the fitting. And then there is you, Ibiza. With your charm and old style, with your allure and unpredictability. There is you Ibiza, in all your beauty.”

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written by Andreas Bischoff on 2016-03-11 #people #lifestyle #fashion #instant #showcase #model #ferrari #ibiza #lomoamigo #emanuele #lomo-instant #lomoinstant #instantshowcase

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